Drinking coffee is a form of time travelling.

Working on an RSS service in 2022.

Castro podcast player seems abandoned? What have people moved to?

Managing homebrew package updates

I’ve taken to upgrade homebrew packages once a week on Monday morning, and replacing any packages that cause issues in my workflow and managing them some other way. This seems to work quite well, and is a better workflow than waiting until a new package needs to be installed and then breaking lots of things.

Today, I setup my Xbox 360 in order to play some audio cds 🙈😂

I think giving him minutes would do the trick, yes. (See image)

Screenshot of player demands minutes miscalculation bug

I was using macOS mail rules to sort mail into “Feed” and “Papertrail” inbox subfolders but iOS mail badges are frequently incorrect or delayed. Does it work better when using server rules?

If you want the best tasting beer, do some gardening beforehand !

What was a sensible precaution yesterday remains the same today.

Splitting up the example cuttlefish blog application from the cuttlefish framework, so that I can include more features to specialise both, as well as build multiple application types.

Found this cool Firefox Extension called Tab Stash, it’s a performant open source variety of OneTab (which is neither): Lets you switch tasks by managing group of tabs. Essential.

GitHub stars, are they bookmarks or thumbs up?

Someone should really come up with an improved version of ln that works conceptually more similar to cp in terms of relative paths.

MacOS is done? Nope, I have a wishlist for next years WWDC

Pandan (https://sindresorhus.com/pandan) is a little macOS menu bar widget displaying how much time elapsed since your last break; no nags and it’s a nice nudge to take breaks properly. Also check out the other software!

I think there is a lot of unused potential in optimising for end user productivity where there are boring solutions available. Mostly do less.

One of the under appreciated aspects of technical debt is that it makes it harder to get flow; certainly dealing with niggles and workarounds distracts developers from thinking holistically about a problem.