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Month: September 2022

Fafi developer builds can now index individual urls, and extract urls from text based files (such as .html). That should make it more interesting if you want to search page content but don’t use Firefox.

Mail: a local privacy focused searchable database

Draft mail is the WordPress custom post-type of databases.

Ultimately all productivity apps for privacy focused folks trend towards a locally synced database containing stuff. A database searched with an interface you already use. This is e-mail, if that wasn’t already ruined by untrusted parties.

For example

  1. Notes: mail in a folder
  2. Bookmarks: page content referenced by a URI as mail in a folder.
  3. Todos: mail in a folder

Some of these use a man in the middle process to filter content, and high volume incoming / outgoing mail might get your account in trouble. So there are webservices with paid options to sustain them, with data export and privacy concerns.

Fafi 0.2.2

Search Firefox bookmark contents, with this commandline client. Fafi extracts the page content of bookmarks and stores them into a searchable SQLite database.

What’s Changed

  • Pex Support! Just run the fafi.pex file from the terminal.
  • Skip localhost indexing.
  • Correct console_script entrypoint, fixing pipx install.
  • Updated dependencies.

You can download the pex file, or use pipx install fafi (requires pipx), and run it.

View on Github

Using python – best practices

This is how I do it:

  1. Manage python versions with pyenv. Modern python comes with pip already installed.
  2. Don’t touch system python if you have it, in terms of installing packages, updating it etc.
  3. For projects, use virtual environments using one of the python version installed with step 1. I prefer poetry at the moment to manage them.
  4. Use pipx if you want to install a global utility, so it’s isolated from any projects.

Feedback welcome.