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Month: September 2021

So I spent most of the evening adding drag and drop physics to a card sprite and moving it around. I fairly underestimated the amount of learning required to use this game engine!

GPG failed to sign the data

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  • If everything fails, use GIT_TRACE=1 prefixed to the git commit command to try and see what git is actually doing
  • Key might have expired, run the GPG Keychain application to check, it offers to extend the key.
    • You must then export the new key, delete the expired key in your GitHub account, and upload the new key to GitHub. Unverified past commits then become verified.

Hot take: I feel the web needs an improved markup + styling system, but more practical and reduced in functionality. This way more browsers can participate. Web pages don’t need a realistic ray casting rendering system for CSS, despite of how nice this would look — it has zero business benefits and discriminates against low performing devices. Instead, have a look at a video game engine with html5 output, if that’s what you want.

Found a cool resource, WP Kama notes on Sitemap on the WordPress sitemap feature I helped create, including many scenarios and a performance optimisation! It’s really satisfying to see the care given to something they find has usefulness. 👍

Really like the site as well, it has more reference information than the official codex.