Sander's Blurbs



Things I’m working on:

Psha PHP project tooling shell.
StreamCablesStream now-playing info to services like Twitter.
Cuttlefisha simple, easy to learn PHP web framework. Previously #carbon now #cuttlefish
Fresh Cookiesa privacy focused browser addon limiting expiry dates of cookies.
Hide Trackbacksa WordPress plugin that hides pingbacks and trackbacks from your website comments. #hidetrackbacks
Repomana script to export and import a list of git repositories using an intermediate repoman.lst file.
404 Fallbacka WordPress plugin to redirect 404s as 302 to your old site.
Taskfilea task runner and manager for shell scripts.
Three Finger Slashreverse cascade open windows on the current desktop.
Tweletedelete your old tweets.


WordPress 5.6Core Sitemaps feature.