Sander's Blurbs


Month: September 2020

Turns out I viewed iA Writer as a creative writing tool, not a markdown note taker. My mistake, it just turns out it’s the best at both. 👌

I want to install a go app on the raspberry pi. For which I need go. Which I thought I could conveniently install with homebrew for Linux. Which requires ruby 2.6.3+, which the pi doesn’t have. So I installed rvm and have to compile ruby from source #yakshaving

So what mobile platform do privacy & independence valueing people use? Android without Google services?

Been looking at Docksal this morning. It’s web dev tooling containers configured in code. First thoughts were: why duplicate all this work. However getting a zero config project running with a cross project cli utility is really nice. No more composer npm PHP* conflicts!

Some PHP tooling scripts require specific versions. I had compatibility issues running a code sniffer. PHP-version helped to set the default PHP interpreter.

Sharing Smaller Screen Recordings

Often I share a screen recording so that others can follow along with tips, processes and generally shared knowledge. However the screen recordings produced by macOS are huge! Here’s how to share smaller recordings, using the command-line version of HandBrake and Hazel:

Rule details

By default new recordings are dropped on the Desktop. Create a new Hazel rule monitoring new files in the Desktop directory:

If all of the following conditions are met:

  • Name starts with “Screen Recording”
  • Extension is “mov”
  • Size is less than “500 MB” (this excludes large recordings)

Do the following to the matched file or folder:

  • Add tags “Red” (to indicate the file is being processed)
  • Run shell script “embedded script” (see below)
  • Move to folder “Trash” (delete the original)

Embedded Script

handbrakecli --preset="Web/Gmail Large 3 Minutes 720p30" -i "$1" -o "$1.mp4"

My last 48 second recording clocked in at 408KB, not bad.