Reorganise your todo list. It isn’t super productive but it gives you back control and understanding.

Design Tweaks August 2020

This latest personal site design iteration improves the reading experience.

Post margins are condensed and subtle delineation guides the eye. The byline, categories and tags post meta are now hidden on the homepage, reducing clutter. I highlighted hovered articles for clarity.

Please visit and feedback.

One does not simply install Wallabag. πŸ‘Œ

On how many devices can you watch Netflix? I’m at 10. πŸ˜“ Less is more, I’m failing.

These last few weeks has made me wary of committing further or ever developing for the Apple ecosystem; and working with OS projects ran by a major business.

Twelete 1.0

Delete your old tweets with Twelete, my new release

Tweets are temporary messages, and thus others should not keep your tweets. You have the right to be forgotten, without paying for the privilege.

Set this up on a cheap VPS; Raspberry PI, or locally. Feedback welcome!